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Expert Audio Designer


  • Far Cry 6



Senior Sound Designer & Audio Lead


  • Destiny 2 – Season of the Worthy

  • Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep

  • Destiny 2 – Season of Opulence

  • Destiny 2 – Season of The Drifter

  • Destiny 2 – Season of The Forge

  • Destiny 2 – Forsaken

  • Destiny 2 – Warmind

  • Destiny 2 – Curse of Osiris

  • Destiny 2


I helped build a team of audio designers supporting a co-development mandate on the Far Cry 6 installment. The studio was tasked to work alongside the lead development studio in Ubisoft Toronto and to work out the extended creative vision for the "Special Operations" DLC. My tasks were broad and ranged from partner relations, and content creation, to project and people management.  

I help bring to life Bungie’s audio-vision for Destiny 2 and beyond… this includes producing audio content for seasonal releases. My responsibilities cover all aspects of the game's audio production, including sound design creation for player weapons, game mechanics, cinematics, project management and marketing audio requirements on the project. I also do hands-on integration and handle lead and manager responsibilities. 


Ready At Dawn Studios

Senior Sound Designer & Audio Lead


  • The Order 1886

  • De-Formers

  • Lone Echo VR


I joined forces with the creative team at Ready At Dawn Studios to help bring to life audio for their first AAA console tile: The Order 1886. I have also been involved in the audio production for Lone Echo (VR Oculus) and Deformers, developed by the studio. My duties were broad and included, audio direction, sound design creation, feature development, integration, scripting, mixing, and recording.


IOI Interactive

Sound Designer


  • Hitman Absolution


I worked at IO Interactive for an on-site contract position to joined the creative audio team to help design, record, and implement sound effects for the highly acclaimed stealth franchise Hitman: Absolution. My main task on the projects included creative sound design for weapons, explosions, and ambiance.

Machine Games

Senior Sound Designer


  • Wolfenstein: The New Order


At my short time in Sweden I was able to help the studio in the early stages of consulting with audio studio equipment, sound design, implementation, and audio team recruitment.

UTV Entertainment

Sound Designer


  • Reich (unreleased)

I joined this game dev start-up as an in-house sound designer located in Florida, USA. We were a team of 90+ and developed a technical ground-breaking title (Reich: Downfall) funded by the Indian UTV Ignition Entertainment group. The game did never ship! My main duties included weapon sound design, field recording, and implementation.


Sound Designer


  • Various Projects

I’ve partnered with Dynamedion as a sound contractor providing audio services for national as well as international game studios in demand of audio outsourcing. I provided audio content and worked remotely with their supervision at my studios located in Munich and later Berlin on many video game titles as well as other diverse international multimedia projects.

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