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“Carsten is one of the most passionate and creative Sound Designers I've ever had the opportunity to work with. He consistently digs deep, asking questions such as "what is the story behind this?" and "why does this operate this way?", and uses what he discovers as a launchpad to create and entirely new and unique aural experience. I've seen him take myriad tasks in unexpected and wonderful directions, always challenging himself to re-invent assumptions, authoring experiences that consistently delight our fans. "

David Henry / Bungie / Director of Sound Design

“Carsten is a very creative and innovative Sound Designer. I worked with Carsten on cinematics for Destiny 2 across several releases and seasons. His contributions alway brought a unique and interesting flavor to the sound of Destiny's cinematics. He took great care in his work and always delivered something that added to the piece. I can't speak highly enough of Carsten and the caliber of his craft."

Josh Mosser / Bungie / Mixer

“Carsten is a dedicated, talented and creative sound designer that works hard to achieve his goals."

Frans Galschiøt Quaade / IOI / Audio Lead

“Carsten is one of the most creative and innovative Sound Designers I know, and has consistently been my first recommendation for every project I've been on for both games and films. He delivers top-quality sounds on-time, and knows how to overcome both technical and creative obstacles."

Wilbert Roget II / Composer

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