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Hello and welcome to my sound portfolio! 

I believe that Sound Design is the most powerful narrative tool to be used in immersive storytelling. 


I have worked as a Sound Designer with 12+ years of professional experience in the field of game audio, commercials and motion picture. My time is spend in the field recording audio with emotional value to me - which I then process and use in all my audio productions.

I discovered the art of sound at a very young stage. With a mother and grandfather both working as professional musicians – classical musical education always was valued highly within my family! At the of 4 I started to learn the piano, cello and acoustic guitar… until I was about 14 and found a different, new exciting instrument at that time. The electric guitar – my very first Sound Design tool! I spend hours teaching myself Nirvana cords, and later started to engineer it's mechanical parts out – finding ways to experiment with its pick-up element for abstract audio manipulation and recordings.

After completing civil services in Germany in 2000, I geared up and moved to Australia where I found myself enrolled in a Bachelor of Recording Arts university course at the Melbourne SAE Institute and later Byron Bay. During my studies aboard, I ended up with a an internship at Digital Sound & Vision in Queensland, Australia, where I learned from Vic Kaspar, supervising sound editor & sound editor on House of Flying Daggers, Kung Fu Hustle and Inspector Gadget 2. Watching him work creating sound effects and recording foley for motion picture fascinated me. 

Shortly after, I graduated with a Bachelor of Recording Arts degree (honors) from Middlesex University in Byron Bay, Australia. In my final thesis I wrote about Sound Design techniques and it's emotional perception on the audience in modern media. 

Always with a passion for computer software, video games had another large influence on me since it's early days of the Atari, Commodore C64 and the earlier 2-386 PCs. I was lucky that my dad, who was running his own business at the time, was a computer geek always up-to-date on the latest and greatest in computer technology! Video games like Street Fighter and Barbarian on the Commodore and Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones, Doom and Quake on the PC locked me up playing video games for years...!


Back then, the quality standard for sound effects in games were nothing compared to what we consume today! I felt optimistic to be a part of the movement and to contribute my very own vision of how I want to hear video games today!

/ Education

Middelsex University, London, UK (2005)

BA, Bachelor of Arts, Recording Arts

SAE Institue Melbourne, Australia (2001)

Audio Engineering

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